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i-Vu® Pro server uses the following TCP and UDP ports.



TCP 80

HTTP server

TCP 443

Secure HTTP server (HTTPS)

TCP 47806

Alarm Popup alarm action

UDP/IP 47808

BACnet (used by all BACnet vendors)



UDP :50005 to 50008

Firmware CCN/IP

UDP :47806

Alarm Notification Client

Open Windows Firewall

Step 1: Open the Control Panel. Hold down the Windows key ( ) and press "X". Select "Control Panel" in the menu

Step 2: Open Windows Firewall Settings. In the Control Panel select "System and Security" ...

Step 3: Enable the Firewall. Ensure that both the private and public network firewalls are turned on.


In Windows 10, the Windows Firewall hasn’t changed very much since Vista. Overall, it’s pretty much the same. Inbound connections to programs are blocked unless they are on the allowed list. Outbound connections are not blocked if they do not match a rule. You also have a Public and Private network profile for the firewall and can control exactly which program can communicate on the private network as opposed to the Internet.