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The easiest way to tell if the battery in an AOpen box has failed is that it does not recover from a restart or power cycle. Connecting a monitor to it in this state will yield a message stating “No keyboard found”.

NOTE: This should not be done on products under warranty. Replacing the battery will void the warranty. If the i-Vu box is still under warranty, request an RMA or contact your HAVC controls  contractor.


Battery replacement steps :

1. Completely disconnect all cables from the i-Vu box.
2. Remove the plastic lid by gently prying the lid from the side of the Aopen box using a small screwdriver. 3. Unscrew the four screws on top of the CD player.
4. Lift the metal cover straight up to remove the CD player.
5. Locate the CR2032 battery and note its polarity relative to its orientation and then replace the battery with a new one keeping the same polarity and orientation.
6. Replace the CD player, screws and cover.
7. Connect the keyboard, monitor and power.
8. Turn the unit on while tapping the Delete key on the keyboard. This should take you into the BIOS Configuration screen which contains a text menu with a blue background.
9. Using the key to confirm and to go back, configure the following settings: 
    a. Under Standard CMOS Features 
        i. Set the time. 
       ii. Set Halt On to: All, But Disk/Key 
    b. Under Advanced BIOS Features 

        i. Set First Boot Device to CDROM (or Removable, if it is a newer server with no Optical drive) 

        ii. Set Second Boot Device to Hard Disk 
c.Under Power Management Setup 

         i. Set AC PWR Auto Recovery to On 
10.Select Save & Exit Setup and hit again at the confirmation prompt.
11.Immediately unplug the keyboard.
12.The i-Vu server should restart and load as expected.