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Addressing summary

16 = Carrier's BACnet Vendor ID
xx = Router's rotary address (Router Address)
yy = Open controller's rotary address (MS/TP MAC Address)


BACnet IP network number = 1600
BACnet device instance number = 1600xx
BACnet device instance name = device1600xx
BACnet MS/TP network number = 161xx
MS/TP MAC address = 0 

Open controllers that are connected to the router:
BACnet device instance number = 161xxyy
BACnet device instance name = device161xxyy
MS/TP MAC address = yy
BACnet MS/TP network number = 161xx (supplied by the router, defaults to 16101 if there is no router.)
If a router’s MS/TP address is set to 200 and the connected Open controllers are auto-generated, their settings will be:
BACnet MS/TP network number = 200
BACnet device instance number = 200xxyy
BACnet device instance name = device200xxyy
MS/TP MAC address = yy

Ivu-Open routers are for Carrier Open BACnet MSTP controllers, and the Ivu Open Link will allow for third party integration points of up to 500 points non Carrier.

BACnet IP port for Carrier, 47808.